Can't get Essentials 5 to operate..

After finding out that I can’t use Studio 5 because not having the dongle,I deleted Studio 5…Now Essentials is not running…It will open up,but I can’t open songs,or change anything…even tried to re install with no luck…Help :astonished: …Thanks

Can you open projects or even a blank one and import an audio file? I assume you had this prior to purchasing Studio 5 with a working license and all? You also might consider trashing prefs. :wink:

I believe Essentials uses a soft license which may have been deleted or overwritten. You may be able to re-download the license. You really need to talk to support though.

Actually Essential 5 works like Studio 5, Artist 6, and the others that come with elicensers rather than Elements 6 where the dongle is optional.

I can open the projects but when you press play,it won’t even Hi light the buttons…When I tried to change the sound card settings,it will open up Device Settings,or Vst Connections Menu window,But I can’t change Anything in these menu windows…

I have Cubase 5 Vst(The first 5 )loaded on this machine also…I can open this with no problem…

This really sounds to me like a system error or something similar. I would contact Steinberg tech support as soon as you can, so that you don’t mess up something permanently. So I would guess that Cubase is operating very slowly, then it crashes? I might would also update your Quicktime player, which Essential depends on more than Cubase VST 5.

As I can read from your previous post (, you are a victim of a fraud, while trying to buy a used copy of C5. And because of this, your CE5 license has been f*cked up. I strongly recomend to go to the police and make a criminal case about your situation. Send copies (scans) of the papers you get from the police to Steinberg customer support with request to re-enable your CE5 license. I’m more than 99.9999% sure they are more than eager to help you.

Thanks For your Reply…I was able to get Essential 5 to run…I ran the Computer “System Restore” back to last Month and had to go in the program folder and delete the Studio 5 folder…The software uninstall in the control panel menu didn’t wipe out Studio 5 completely…Thank You Cubase Family… :ugeek: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :smiley: