Can't get Expression Maps to import keyswitches

From the manual:

Select the track, open the Expression Map section in the Inspector, and select
“Import Key Switches” on the pop-up menu. Note that this menu option will only be
available when the loaded program contains key switches.

I’ve tried this with EWQL SO and Kontakt Session Strings Pro. I never see the “pop up menu” or anything that says “Import Key Switches”. Both of these libraries have keyswitches. What am I missing? Hopefully it’s a “chair-to-keyboard interface” problem.

It is not chair to keyboard variable, I’m afraid. VST 3 is needed, and Kontakt is 2.4. (Don’t have EWQL libraries…)

AFAIK The manual doesn’t say that this only works for VST3.

You’re right, I can’t find a mention of it specifically. It actually might not be a VST3 thing, but the instrument has to support the function, and NI instruments don’t. It’s the same with microtuning commands which can be done in VST 2.4, but not in Kontakt.

I wish the manual was more clear. The only stipulation it says it that the plug-n supports keyswitches. :question:

I agree. I feel the documentation should be more ‘proactive’ regarding things like this, where an external product needs to explicitly support a certain function for it to work.

It took me a while to figure out that Kontakt didn’t support microtuning (messages from Cubase)- the midi insert and Hermode tuning. Had I known I would have looked elsewhere and not have bought any NI products.

Did you set up the key switches in the VST first? Just watched a C7 YT video that showed how to do it.

Yes I did set up the key switches. On the menu the “Import Keswitches” doesn’t appear.