Cant get flow 3 heading to show

Dont know if this is a bug or a setting- i cant get my third flow heading to display on the “guitar” score/sheet. It appears on the full-score and if i add a fourth flow it shows that header. if i move the flow to second or first place the header appears but then whatever is the third flow loses its header. Can any one help please? thanks
doing it to death, james brown.dorico (2.8 MB)

I don’t have access to my laptop currently but have you checked for any page overrides?

@DanielMuzMurray is correct. You appear to have manually removed the flow header for the guitar layout flow 3. If you remove page overrides, the flow header reappears.

thanks, where would i find “page overrides” i have not encountered it yet

In engrave - right click the page icon (top right) with a little red triangle, choose remove page overrides,

Briliant! thanks @Janus (and @DanielMuzMurray )for a quick and knowledgable solution.

Question now is, how did that get there?
i dont recall making any engraving modifications.
Bizzarely, when i now on/off turn “show flow headings” in set-up it makes no difference- the flow headings remain whatever

Hi @slateboy The layout options are layout specific: before changing the option be sure you selected the desired layout where you want the option to change, then change it, and click apply.

Here a visual example:

@slateboy also I noticed that after removing the overrides from guitar layout your first page is assigned to the Default master page (no: Page Template :slight_smile: ) (there is no project title as consequence of this),

but is should be assigned to the First Page Template. To correct this I show you with a visual explanation. I hope is understandable… I removed the parts layouts and let Dorico recreate them, so the assignments are correct (if there is a faster solution please someone tell :slight_smile: )

thank you very much @Christian_R for that thorough explanation and your time.

I’m assuming this is to fix a “broken” score and normally i would not have to do all of this with a new/default score.
I only use engrave mode to tidy things up where necessary as mostly dorico does a nice job as i’m aware its a powerful feature that can do damage if used wrongly. Something new learnt today!