Can't get Groove Agent Jazz Essentials to work

Hello everyone,

I just cannot get Groove Agent Jazz Essentials to work in Dorico.
I’ve already installed the latest update (v. today.
The download manager shows that everything is installed properly and yes, I did reboot after installing. However, when I click on the littel “e” in Play mode the Groove Agent SE window opens. When I now try to load the “Jazz Essentials” kit, I cannot select anything; every item has a little “no entry sign”.
What am I doing wrong? Can anybody help, please?

Here some screenshots:


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You might need to quit Dorico and open the Steinberg Library Manager to check whether everything is really properly installed (it might tequire you to locate some files or change some permissions to folder that hold those files)
You can also open the Steinberg Activation Manager and refresh so that the Dorico license is properly updated (with that GASE content included). Hope it helps

Hello Marc,
Thank you very much for your help! With your advice I finally got Jazz Essentials to work. (I think a click on the refresh button in the activation manager did the trick.)
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Yes, indeed it did – and that’s why we carefully documented that required step both in the blog post and in the Version History PDF. It’s always worth spending a few minutes reading the documentation we provide with an update.