Can't Get Guitar To Sound Cubase Elements 9.5

I’ve got my amp hooked up through usb to my laptop, and when cubase isn’t open I can hear the guitar through my laptop. However, once cubase opens, the sound goes back to going through my amp. I’ve got a Peavey amp, do I need to get a digital interface for this to work correctly? I’ve tried going in and selecting a different output option but I cannot select any output options. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

What Peavey amp?
I list a few thoughts and read the link for a few more thoughts.

Did you check if there is software and drivers available from Peavey to download/install?

It is recommended that you have an ASIO compatible audio interface with Cubase. If not… you could record to software like audacity.

Also, you could try downloading the free asio4free driver. If the audio device on your computer is compatible with ASIO then it would show up in Cubase and you might get lucky.

My last suggestion is checking your Cubase op manual for how to set up an external instrument.

Regards. :sunglasses: