Can't get hairpin to appear

This is a very strange on. It has only happened once to me, but when placing a “p<mf” under a half note, it appears fine in the score, but the hairpin refuses to appear in the part, If I move either the p or f in engrave mode to leave more space for the hairpin, it still will not appear. If I ungroup and delete the p and mp, then the hairpin appears.

I can’t figure any way to make this appear properly, short of pencil and paper.
dynamic part
dynamic score

Maybe set a lower value in Engraving Options->Dynamics->Gradual Dynamics->Advanced->Minimum length for hairpins.


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I will try that, but this is very clearly a bug. I mean, there is PLENTY of room for the casting-off process to save enough space for the hairpin to show. And if I manually move either of the dynamics (p or mp) to make more space, then the hairpin should show.
The behavior is completely wrong. Here is a stripped down file. The issue is in m57
hairpin problem.dorico (734.4 KB)

In bar 57, Flute the mf is attached to the next measure. If you move back one 16-note in Write mode that helps.


You might need to ungroup first

I set the minimum hairpin to 1.5 spaces, deleted all the dymanics and put the p<mp in again. This works without any un-grouping or tweaking in Engrave. However, it displays inconsistently in Write mode. Sometimes the p<mp wraps, sometimes the hairpin doesn’t show. That’s really should be considered a bug.
But thank you for the pointer in the engraving options. That gets the desired results.

Yes, that setting does not work reliably, I’m afraid. This is a common scenario.

Your best bet is to add a custom note spacing change just for that spot, set it to a high value to force it to display, then set it back immediately after it. Works easily enough. This is something I’m looking forward to seeing fixed down the road.

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This problem has been reported before and has been lingering for a while. We’ve made some fixes and improvements in this area during Dorico 4 development, so things should be much improved in the next version.