Can't get Halion demo to authorize. Oh well

“Please log on.” But the browser page keeps saying “Please try again”. My account is valid, I can log on just fine apart from this trial demo process. I shut everything down and tried again – same result.

Guess I wasn’t meant to even consider buying Halion after all.

Impossible to help without any context provided.

Some more info about your system would help us help you. But guessing from the limited info you provided, it may be a security setting of your browser that is preventing the login. Try loosening your browser security settings and trying again. I downloaded a second browser and keep it on default settings for such occasions. I normally use Firefox and have it nailed down pretty tight, but use Vivaldi as my second browser with default settings for such instances. For me it was the Vienna Symphonic login I couldn’t get around on Firefox, similar to what you’re experiencing. I was able to login into their DL utility through Vivaldi.