Cant get here from the main page

Is anyone else having this issue - the link to this forum is not availbale for me from the main page, and board index.

yeap. maybe that is the intention until the change on the 28? :confused:

Kind of confusing thorught…

Have you tried clicking on the Cubase 7 forum link? (Pretend you don’t see that locked symbol) The locked symbol just means you can’t post threads DIRECTLY in the C7 forum. You can post in the Sub-forums within C7 forum (i.e. General, Misc., Issues, FR, etc.)

Ok, got it now.

Board index‹ Cubase ‹ English ‹ Cubase 7 | Cubase Artist 7 ‹ General

Please use the other Cubase 7 sub-forums for new threads.

What Cubase 7 sub-forums?

The ones above General…

So, if you are having performance issues, or if you need to know how to route something, or if you have a bug report… that all goes in ‘Miscellaneous’? That’s odd…

Or General…


This one will be locked on June 28th!

Feel free to use it until then. Today is 4 June. After that, use Miscellaneous. Aren’t General and Miscellaneous pretty much the same thing?

I originally asked if that all goes in ‘Miscellaneous’ - which I find odd. I never said I thought there was a difference between General and Miscellaneous.

Oddly enough :laughing:

Its all a bit screwy really…

I don’t think so. I think bug reports go to :
Cubase ‹ English ‹ Cubase 7 | Cubase Artist 7 ‹ Collected Issues ‹ Issue Reports

IMO this C7 forum structure is a big mess.

Aren’t General and Miscellaneous pretty much the same thing?

According to a few online dictionaries…yes they are.

Because Steinberg had originally set up the General forum as something that would be viewed upon entering the Cubase 7 Forum, the general (or is that miscellaneous?) public could view those posts immediately upon landing in the Cubase 7 forum.

It has been my opinion that the Miscellaneous sub-forum was set up as place to dump the umm…more editorial posts from immediate view without the appearance of any heavy-handed censorship.

I like to think of the Miscellaneous sub-forum as Darwins Waiting Room.