Can't get into Cubase.

Hi there. I’ve just switched over from a MacBook pro to a HP Pavilion (power PC), so I’ve installed Cubase Artist 6.5 (Version 6.5.4 (64 bit)), but when I open Cubase the loading window appears but stalls at ‘Initializing: eLC’… I was wondering if anyone could help me sort out this problem as to why I cannot actually get into Cubase and what this stands for? :astonished:

I’ve checked my eLicencer, and it says I’m licensed for Cubase Artist 7… but I only have 6.5 and have not purchased 7. Does this mean 6.5 can no longer function and I must upgrade?

It cannot be my hardware, I’m running 2Tb with a 3.20Ghz processor compared to the MacBook pro’s 2.5Ghz and 300 or something GB.

If anyone has a solution to this problem it would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


You just need to update to the latest e-Licenser software. Can be downloaded overhere.

And you activated your 6.5 artist license when 7 artist was already released, which means you got a free upgrade to artist 7 :slight_smile:.
You can use 6.5 with that license as well, whichever you prefer.