Can't get keyboard to work with Essential 5

I am a computer novice and have bought Cubase Essential 5. I have a USB controller keyboard but I can not get any sound from the VST insruments - there is no blue line on the meter when I press the keys :cry: . I have assigned a VST instrument and have it set to “All MIDI inputs”. The computer says the keyboard is ready to use so there is definitely a problem with Cubase. Please I implore you to write answers for me that are simple to follow for someone with no computer knowledge. I would be happy for you to treat me as as idiot as long as I can solve this :cry: .

And you are using what Instrument tracks, or MIDI tracks with the instrument rack…?

How do you set a VST instrument to “all inputs”? You can set tracks, but not instruments.
Set it to your dedicated interface input, and while we´re at it post the gear you are using, inteface, keyboard and so on…

It always is, it never is the user. No matter how much of a novice, they all know, it is only and definitely a Cubase problem…

I meant that I set Cubase to “All MIDI Inputs” - the left of the screen just above where it says “HALionOne”. In the white rectangle that appears when I click on it the options are “Not Connected” and “All MIDI Inputs” which has a tick next to it. The big blue-ish rectangle in the middle is the VST instrument I have assigned - “String Quartet”. The track inspector has the meter in it that should but does not show anything when I press the keyboard keys. I followed what the manual says.
The keyboard is the M Audio Oxygen 8 v2. It just plugs straight into the computer via USB. Dolphin (a shop) told me it is Cubase not the keyboard that is causing the problem but I have seen a bad review of my keyboard on the internet saying it does not work. You can find it by doing a Google search of Oxygen 8 v2. I therefore thought it might be the keyboard. Could it be?
The computer is a Sony VAIO FW series which is 2.0ghz processing and 4GB ram. The processor is intel CORE Duo. The operating system is Windows Vista. I was careful to download the right drivers successfully for the keyboard.
Please somebody help me get some sound :cry: . The Steinberg helpline is always engaged.
The advice on these forums to different people’s problems looks way over my head so I think someone knows the answer. I just hope I can understand what to do when told- as I said; please put it in extremely simple terms.

“Device” -> “Device setup” -> “MIDI port setup” - What options do you have on the right side?

Windows MIDI OUT Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth (blue cross for “visible”)
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Well, your Keyboards USB MIDI ports son´t seem to be recognized in Cubase (for what reason ever)

I do not know what to do now. What controller keyboard definitely works with Cubase Essential 5? I fear I have wasted my money. :cry: People have been telling me elsewhere that all USB controller keyboards work with Cubase.

I don´t know Windows 7, but you should first check, if it is installed correctly in Windows. That might be the main problem. There are enough videos on youtube that show the Keyboard works…

I fear you have spent to little time to learn about the basics…

I checked already youtube and there is one video about my keyboard but it does not mention anything about how to make it work with Cubase. I think I have a different idea to some about what is basic and what is actually pretty advanced knowledge. Youtube is no good for this but if anyone knows where I can find out what to do then please let me know. I came on this site to learn the basics.

It would seem from what you say that Cubase is just not seeing your keyboard. Cubase has a nasty habit of not seeing external devices such as a contoller keyboard unless they are powered up before you fire up Cubase. Catches me out sometimes. Try not sparking up Cubase until you’re confident that your keyboard is connected with a functioning USB cable and any associated drivers are installed successfully into Windows. This can sometimes be a bit of a pain with some drivers, it’s not that unusual to end up swearing and trying a couple of times before you get the drivers installed.

Once your drivers are installed and keyboard power is on,then when you Fire up Cubase, your keyboard should be listed as a MIDI input option (you’ll see the name of your keyboard in the box on the left where you’re currently seeing the list including “all MIDI inputs” ) and in the Devices > Device setup > MIDI port setup list.

If it’s not listed, I’d suspect you more likely have a driver issue, rather than a dodgy keyboard or a Cubase issue. Note there are different drivers for your keyboard dependant on which version of Vista you are running, I know you said you were careful to get the right one though!

Good luck! It’s a very steep learning curve and can be frustrating, but you only have to learn this stuff once!