Can't get midi to play the complexity/intensity..

Probably a noob question. Saw the instructions on you tube but can’t translate the seemingly easy workflow.
I open up an instrument track, choose groove agent 4, choose a drum kit with pattern, slew a pattern main part into cubase 7.5, and my goal is to add complexity and intensity. Did a lot of stuff to get so far and can’t find any help to do it step by step. Anybody care to explain. I Always end up with automation tracks under the instrument track (can draw lines into them, but they don’t translate in any different intensity nor complexity). It’s the reason I spent money on this… I tried to get them under a midi-track, but that’s where probably my knowledge falls short. Please help! 5 hours of staring on the screen is to long!

Yep…found it in the manual…p 108…definitely noob…you’re silence shouted that :slight_smile: