Can't get my M-Audio Keystation 49es to work

I have Cubase essentials 6 loaded on my Dell Inspiron laptop and my M-Audio Keystation 49es USB keyboard plugged directly into the computer. The keyboard came with Avid Ignite software which works fine, but when I try it in Cubase I can’t get any sound. When I press the keys I can see it is being registered by the software and I can select it from the list of inputs.

I’ve tried downloading the latest drivers (although I could only get Keystation 49e, not es) from the Steinberg website and ive also downloaded ASIO 4All, which seemed to work for a while but I can’t get it to work again.

I don’t have an Audio or Midi interface which some sites have suggested I need, but I don’t know if i’d need both or just one (I do plan to do some audio recording when I get this sorted).

Please help!

from a poor student :slight_smile:

Hi, I have the Keystation 88es and it works great direct to USB. I wonder if the 88es drivers would work?

M audio keyboards are midi class compliant, just plug and play and shouldn’t need any specific drivers unless they are hybrid controllers with knobs and faders in which case there is dedicated software for creating templates.