Can't get my new m8x to communicate properly with Cubase Pro 13 on a mac

I just recently bought a Montage m8x and upgraded to Cubase Pro 13, and I am DEAD IN THE WATER getting them to talk properly to each other. I have read and watched countless tutorials, and paid for hours of “online consultation,” all without success. At this point, I truly don’t know if it’s my hardware, software, or just plain user error.

In any case, after TWO MONTHS of trying on my own, I am clear that I need someone competent to COME TO MY STUDIO and get their hands on this stuff and get it all talking to each other so that I can actually start doing some RECORDING! I am hoping that someone will be able to refer me to someone here IN THE ATLANTA AREA whom I could hire to come to my studio for an afternoon and get my rig working properly. . Any help or leads will be much appreciated. Tony Rooney 678-596-0109 ( Thanks! :purple_heart:Tony

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