Cant get my Nord Lead 3 to work with cubase as midi keyboard etc

Looking to pay someone who is familiar with how to use Cubase and get my Nord Lead 3 properly set up with it.

I am having an issue with getting the sound out just using it as a midi keyboard now but I see that their is signal when I am hitting keys. Also could record Audio directly from the Nord lead but could not link it to a Midi channel to get the notes properly quantized. Another issue aswell is not being able to send banks from the Nord Sound Manager to the Nord.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue, I will be more than grateful and can pay you for your time. We can do this over teamviewer,etc

I am on Windows 7 64bit, also have Uad apollo twin duo (Dont know if my input and output setting are correct)

Thanks in advance


Open Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup. Can you see your Nord Lead here in the list? Can you see it in the yellow list? Is In “All MIDI Devices” enabled for the MIDI Port?

I’m having the same problem with an Edirol PCR500, it doesn’t appear in my midi post listing, just the generic Microsft GS wavetable.
It used to communicate but I’ve had a system crash/reset [complete reload of Cubase 7 & upgrade to 7.5.] No longer talking . . . sad . . want to record beautiful softsynth midi sounds & can’t . . . pierre luniere