Can't get my Zoom H6 to connect

I’ve tried ringing the helpline and he seemed to think I should ring zoom even though the H6 seems to be working perfectly.

I’ve downloaded the correct drivers and followed the ‘Using an audio interface’ instructions on Zoom.

Very frustrating just seem to be going round in circles and getting nothing done.

Appreciate any advice
Zoom H6 3.png
Zoom H6 2.jpg
Zoom H6 1.jpg

Do you connect the Zoom to your usb interface before switching it on?


Hi Steve,

Yes, I think each time I have had it connected to the laptop first and then turned the Zoom on and put it to USB interface mode.

Hey there,

did you find the solution back than? Zoom 4 here and I don’t get it to connect.

I did. I even bought a new audio interface thinking Zoom has an issue, although i could record audio in another software.
Go to security and privacy settings in your OS and allow Cubase to use microphone.
That will sort it out.