Can't get normal sound output except thru my Mac's speaker

I’m getting poor quality sound output thru the computer speaker, even though the system settings are line out and Logic is putting out normal quality sound thru Line Out. Can’t find how to change the sound output through Cubase preferences.

Now I have found how to change audio outputs, by using the “Studio” menu. But the best I can get is when I select Internal Audio (which de-selects USB Core Audio). And the best result is sound coming thru the internal speaker. Cubase isn’t directing sound to the Line Out. I’d say it was a hardware problem but I get great sound to the Line out when I’m using Logic Pro. So it really looks like Cubase, unless it’s a combination problem with hardware PLUS Cubase. At least I can use Logic (but I love Cubase’s Chord track functions).

You need to provide a bit more information to enable anyone to help you.
What exactly is “poor quality sound”? What is your setup, do you have a dedicated audio interface?
The setup for audio (and MIDI) is described in the Cubase manual here

There are probably also video tutorials on YouTube for that (especially on the Cubase channel).
It is highly unlikely that Cubase produces “poor quality sound” just by itself, most likely just a setup problem.

No audio interface, I have a number of software orchestras (EastWest, Garritan, Miroslav and more. But the roblem has now been solved. With Macintosh, the User chooses Line Outputs by use of the Sound System Preference (or Control Panel, if you prefer). I have discovered (by using the “Setting up your system” link you provided Specifically, although the User cannot access the Different outputs with the Sound System / Control Panel. Poking around the audio setup I discovered a button called [Control Panel] which I have never needed before. So I explored. THAT is where a Mac user can access the line inputs and outputs directly.
Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 1.14.44 PM
Once I saw that, I saw the solution and I’was able to fix this. Not sure how the setting changed because yesterday everything was fine. But this has happened in the past and somehow it corrected itself. Anyway everyone pointed me in the necessary direction. I included a screen shot, with this message but don’t know if it will show up correctly. But now I can fix this the next time I bump the wrong key or whatever I did. THANKS!