Can't get NotePerformer interface to appear

NotePerformer works perfectly well for me, in the sense that playback can be heard, but I need to reset the levels, as they’re presently all over the place. I know that I’m supposed to click the ‘e’ button on the right-hand-side of the Play interface, but that doesn’t do anything. I’ve also followed advice in another thread re. Play>Apply Playback Template, but NotePerformer is already highlighted there, and clicking on ‘Apply and Close’ doesn’t change anything either. Where (as I’ve asked before in so many other contexts, and sorry for that) am I going wrong?

If the e is lit up, then it’s probably behind the main Dorico window. Depending on what OS you’re on, there are ways to switch between windows.e.g. Mac Mission Control.

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You’ve made my morning, Ben! It was indeed behind the main Dorico window (on my second monitor). I really ought to have checked that before posting, and I’ve no idea why it hadn’t occurred to me. I blame my incipient septuagenarianness. Many thanks.