Can't get notes to snap to correct beat in new Key Editor

Newbie here. Searched the forum but didn’t find this issue coming up.

I’m in write mode. looking at my score, I have a note that’s an 1/8 of a beat too short, I want to drag out it’s length but I’m not able to get it to snap where I want. It goes a little too far over the beat and won’t let me shorten it to the length I’d like. My only choices are a bit too long or a bit too short

It snaps to the grid. So set a finer grid resolution. Or just use write mode and set the duration you want there (After all, this is a notation programme).

Darren, you will find that if the note does not end or start at a grid position in the current grid setting, when you lengthen or shorten it, it doesn’t snap to the next grid position as you would expect, but rather it adds on or subtracts the grid duration to/from the note’s duration, meaning that it snaps to the same position relative to the next or previous grid position. It’s not ideal, and it’s something we are planning to change.

In the meantime, as Janus suggests, you should change the grid resolution in the lower zone (using the grid selector on the lower zone toolbar) to a smaller/finer value, so that you can then snap the note to the expected grid position.

Thanks for the info! It’s great to hear from the creators of the product! I’ve watched your videos. I’ve got the trial and I’m using Catalina on a 2013 macbook pro. There are buggy things that happen like not hearing a note when i select it in the midi window but after a few clicks I’ll hear it. It makes me wonder if my 10 year old laptop could be the problem. Anyway, pretty sure I’m gonna buy this program because I can’t imaging using Sibelius after playing around with Dorico. Thanks for responding!