Can't get Nuendo 11 to play video from AVID AAF import

Good morning,

I can’t get Nuendo 11 to show the video track (audio tracks show up) from the import of my AAF file created in AVID Media Composer. I have downloaded, installed and activated the AVID license still no video (the track is there but no footage) - the audio of my film plays. Am I not supposed to import an AAF of my film into Nuendo?

I got it. Export MOV file from AVID then import video file (MOV file) to Nuendo for video track. Export AAF file from AVID then import AAF file to Nuendo for audio tracks. Still learning some of the ropes… :upside_down_face:

Yeah, that’s the way it works right now. AAF import does not support video.

I usually export and transfer 3 assets from MediaComposer to Nuendo:

  1. AAF export of the (relevant) audio tracks in the timeline (reference the original media)
  2. Video export of the picture (MOV/DNxHy usually)
  3. EDL of the cut version

At this time Nuendo does not yet support MXF video. The latter (EDL) is not strictly required all the time. But I use it for importing markers (video cuts/scenes/etc.) and for reconforming.

Thanks for the reply confirming what I suspected and providing additional advice. This is my first time using a DAW for audio on a film. I presume I scrub the dialogue scenes first of any annoying air conditioning sounds, etc. Then add foley sounds. Then the film score. Then master for stereo, 5.1 and 7.1?