can't get one bar of music to "accept" an 8ba (or 8va, or 15va, or anything else)

Take a look at this unlisted youtube screengrab I made of the problem:

Any ideas?

My workaround was to apply an 8ba to the bar to the right, and drag its start point back to the previous bar. But this feels like a bug.


When you select the bar that will not work, it also selects the chords… Have you tried to deselect the chords (cmd-click) and then apply the 8va ?

Use the caret to select where you want the line to start, rather than selecting the bar itself. Then use whatever combination of cmd/ctrl/alt/shift plus arrow keys to extend the line.

Sorry for slightly unhelpful instructions here - I’m not in front of my computer!

I also think this has something to do with the selection containing system objects.
By the way, I recommend you to get the latest update

That looks like a bug to me.

The problem is indeed caused by the presence of the chord symbols. If you update to Dorico 1.1.10, then you will find that the chord symbols don’t get selected when you click in the bar to select the music within, so the octave line will be created as you would expect. Another way to create the octave line is to select the note on which you want the octave line to begin (i.e. click on the note itself, so that only the notehead is coloured orange), then hold Ctrl (or Command if you’re on Mac) and click the note on which you want the octave line to end: now two notes should be selected. Now click the octave line button in the panel or type “8ba” into the Shift+C popover, and you should be all set.

Daniel, just while you’re here: I noticed that there are still difficulties with the method you describe, where the only notes on a stave are crossed from another stave. The caret method works though.