Cant get page break to work on print

i have a part that shows one movement as starting on a new page in engrave mode, however when i print it, the page break does not take place and the new movement starts on the page that the prior movement ended on. there is a frame break for the new movement in the part.

Is this a work for solo instrument, perchance? I ask as this is the most common situation in which someone mistakenly edits the Score layout and attempts to print the Part layout, or someone mistakenly edits the Part layout and attempts to print the Score layout.

At the point at which you begin a project, Dorico doesn’t know whether the project is going to include one or multiple players, so it creates both a score layout and a part layout. The layout selector is at the top centre of the main window within Setup, Write and Engrave modes, but it’s the left column in Print mode that determines which layout(s) will be printed.

Do check that you’re editing and printing the same layout.

its a string trio and i am trying to print the parts for just one movement, each movement has its own flow… Oh, Light dawns on Marblehead ( if you are from Boston, you will get that). when in print, i selected the violin part and notice that the score layout was selected, i then selected the violin part and magic happened. why doesn’t it just associate properly, or rather, what i have i neglected to do so the magic happens automatically

I’m not entirely sure I understand. It might be that you’re expecting Frame Breaks and System Breaks in the score layout to affect the disposition of music in part layouts - they don’t.

Or it might be that you’re expecting the layout you’re viewing in Setup/Write/Engrave to automatically be selected in Print mode - it won’t be. Print mode doesn’t make use of the top centre layout dropdown (and that’s greyed out in Print mode for that reason); rather it uses the left column for selection of layouts. Print mode intentionally hangs on to whichever selection of layout(s) was previously made in Print mode, in case you’ve been editing things in one or more layouts and want to print or export revisions to the same layout(s) you previously printed/exported. The other main benefit to Print mode using the left column is that you have the ability to select and then print/export multiple layouts simultaneously. The top central dropdown doesn’t allow for that, as in the other modes you can only view one layout at a time (per window, though you may open multiple windows if you wish).