Can't get playback under normal procedure

I can get playback by highlighting speaker icon at top taskbar(play/scrub button)and moving mouse over track ,then left click and holding it down,but cannot get playback any other way.I’ve tried everything suggested,what am I missing?

Did you dis-able the Monitor button on the track?

yes,i can hear the track under the conditions I described and you see the levels on the mixer,but when i hit the playback button or record a second track,nothing comes out of the already recorded track and nothing shows on the mixer.It’s almost like something is disabled for the mixer.

Are you sure you don’t have the M button next to the fader highlighted to Mute that track … just checkin’.

Positive,and the fact that I can hear the track by hovering the speaker icon over it and holding down left click,leads me to believe the inputs and outputs are correct.

Have you tried to solo the track and see if playback works?

Post screenshots of the Project Window, Device Setup and VST Connections.