Can't get rid of old track presets

I can’t get rid of all my old track presets. I’ve tried in the media bay and it deletes most but some come back and can’t be deleted. Any ideas?


Users>Name>AppData>Roaming>Steinberg>Track Presets

For Presets:
Users>Name>AppData>Roaming>Steinberg>Cubase 11>Presets

Deletions are easily done here. Or you cans cut them to a new folder to store them in case you reconsider.

Thanks, everything looks fine in those folders and when I choose to create a new track from a track preset, everything looks as it should. However, if I choose “load preset” to load a preset on a track OR look at the track presets in the media bay, all of my old presets show up (but don’t do anything). Is there a way to initialize (and rebuild) the mediabay?

I just figured it out. I deleted the mediabay3 data base file and my new track presets were there but my old ones are gone unfortunately I now have to rebuild my media bay…