Cant get rid of surround panner in mixer

Im working on an older project in 8.5 that was started years ago in an older Cubase version. For some reason the mixer comes up with the surround panner installed even though my intent is to mix to stereo and all output busses are assigned to mono or stereo in VST connections. I can’t seem to get rid of it and don’t really know how it got there in the first place although I used to sometime use a plugin called trackspacer that used to require setting up surround buss in order to use its sidechain (its now released in VST3 and no longer requires this). Anyway, Im not even using that plug in this project but may have tried it earlier.

So far this is not really effecting the project but I’m afraid it may when it comes time to automate some panning, etc. and it just gnaws on me that its there and I can’t get rid of it, any ideas?


Do you have any surround Group Channels in your MixConsole, or FX Channels? Make sure, they are not hidden, please. Do you use any surround buss in the VST Connections > Studio?

I’ve checked these from the VST Connections window and all are listed as either mono or stereo. I should be able to tell from that, correct? Is there another way I should do it?



If you checked all VST Connections tabs (like even Group/FX, External FX, External Instruments and Studio), then yes, this is the place.

What else could trigger the panner…? :-/

Yeah, it’s weird. One thing I didn’t check was VSTis. In this project I have about twenty different synths and samplers, a lot of them are multitimbral and and multi-output. Can a Vsti such as kontact or halion trigger the multi panner? Perhaps I called up a patch that would do so unwittingly.


Yes, VSTis like HALion or Kontakt can be used in surround. So they can force Cubase to show the surround panner.

Thanks, thats probably it then, I’ll sort through them