can't get rid of these drumset rests!..

I know this is a common problem but I really thought I could solve it but no dice. I created a downstem slash note on the middle line of the staff after Editing Percussion Kit. For some reason I couldn’t access it by simply option up and down-arrowing on the staff, but finally managed to get it to appear. However, it appears to have added it as a different voice (as evidenced by it’s color, attached). I then tried “starts” and “ends voice” in properties for various options, selecting the entire bar and “removing rests”, etc., and selecting the slash voice and trying to right-click and change it to one of the other “voice” options, all to no avail. How do I get rid of the rests? (much thanks in advance). I have to say, this all feels too complicated even though I’m sure I’m missing something…
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Unfortunately you cannot use the usual tricks to remove rests on percussion kits at the moment. This is obviously a pretty serious limitation and you can be assured that we are working on relaxing it in future versions.

For the time being, although you can’t move the slashes into another voice (because they’ll no longer appear as slashes) you should be able to move one of the other voices into a voice that won’t be padded with rests, i.e. what Dorico calls the “Extra Up-Stem Voice” or “Extra Down-Stem Voice”.

Does setting up the slash voice to be an upstem voice and then manually flipping the stems help? See John Barron’s video from 11:00 to 16:00 or so here where he explains why this is sometimes necessary in percussion to remove rests:

Yes, please make a change to this. On one hand, the drum set notation is incredibly intuitive, but on the other it’s extremely convoluted and frustrating.

We know that editing rests in drum kits is very important, and you can rest assured that we plan to address it in the next major version of the software.


Thank you for all you do! Happy holidays!