Can't get sound from instrument to stereo out.

Can’t get sound from instrument to stereo out. The instrument track recieves midi signal. But Prolouge, Halion or Grove agent don’t play any sound. I’ve tried with different soundpatches… And everything I can think off. I’m an experience user with audio and midi, but I have never used Instruments section on Cubase, But now I can’t get it to work and feel really stupid. The output goes to “HSSE Main” What’s that? And HSSE main is routed to “stereo Out” But HSSE Main doesnt recieve any signal. I’ve tried all sound patches, volumes are on full… Nothing happens… Spex: Cubase Elements 9.5. Intel I7, Akai EIE Soundcard, 12gb memory, asus sabretotth x58 motherboard, Windows 7 SP1. Sound works Ok, Midi Works Ok, but not instruments.