Cant Get Sound From Midi or VI Tracks On Playback From Keyboard Added As External Instrument

Ok i thought i had this sorted but unfortunately not.
I have Ketron SD 1 Keyboard Connected To Cubase 11 pro,I Can See,Hear and Record midi and virtual instrument tracks.
HOWEVER i cannot get the sound from the Ketron SD1 on playback of midi or virtual instrument track
Thanks to prim_69 this is how the Ketron SD1 is connected
Ketron Setup.

  1. Set Local Control to Off on the Ketron
  2. Connect the audio outputs’ of your Ketron to the inputs’ of your audio interface.
  3. Connect your MIDI In/Out to your Ketron (using your MIDI to USB lead).

4 Connect the MIDI USB Devive to your Computer, or if you are using MIDI to MIDI cables’, connect them to your MIDI Controller if you can. whichever you prefer.

Now in Cubase.

1)Studio/More Options/Midi Device Manager/Install Device/“Select” GM Device(Give it a name)

2)Bottom right while in Device Manager, for your “Output” Select the MIDI device connected to your Ketron (Close Device Manager)

  1. Next, we need to create an External Instrument.
    Studio/Audio Connections/External Instruments Tab/Add External Instruments Tab. On the following little window that appears, Give it a name. Select how many returns would like ie: 1 Mono,1 Stereo.
  2. Select “Associate MIDI Device” and select MIDI Devices. then select the device name you chose during the setup. Once the device has been selected, the window will close.

5}Now select your audio device and the device ports used.

Start a new project and create an Instrument Track. You will find the device you just created in “External Plugins”. If set up correctly. you should now be able to here sound from the Ketron, when you press your keys.

This Has Me Baffled,I Would Love To Solve This Problem,Many Thanks

You Need to go back to your midi device panel and select the midi port , choose your device in the left box and choose the midi port in the right box and then ‘activate the monitor button’ on the External Instrument track if you want to hear the keyboard

Filter Freq im listening what you’re saying,I didn’t see Greg Ondo activating a monitor button but I will do as you have said,and let you know how I get on
Could you please tell me if the above Cubase connection instruction steps 1-2-3-4 are correct ?
Incidentally the Ketron SD1 does not have USB
I must admit I am a bit confused when I look at all my active midi ports.
Cubase is showing 2 separate USB ports but I only have one midi in - midi out usb cable coming from the Ketron SD1 to my pc.

I have in the past connected a Nektar Impact usb keyboard to Cubase 11 Pro.
Would this be the other usb midi port that I am seeing.
So everytime a new usb keyboard is added to Cubase,does Cubase adds a new midi port ?which basically doesn’t go away meaning that I should name these usb midi ports whenever I add a NEW usb midi keyboard.
I would like to be able to render in place the midi using the sounds of the Ketron SD1

I made a thread about this issue a while ago because it is a tad confusing for the first time so here’s the thread and a very good down to earth tutorial on how to get the external instruments working , if you follow this one exactly then you shouldn’t have any problems
For those with issues connecting external instruments with MIDI - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Thanks very much for that Filter Freq ive had a try and its still not working TBH i’ve been trying to get this to work for years so to say im frustrated would be putting it mildly.I will try and get some time and give it another go tomorrow,thanks

Ummm ok , you must be missing one thing out of the sequence , the above link is correct to the tee

I think I’m getting confused with the midi ports I’ve been selecting usb instead of hardware port, I’ll give it yet another go tomorrow lol,thanks

Yes , if you are using a Midi din cable then you need the midi port corresponding to that cable .

Filter Freq,ive got midi din out and in connected to Ketron SD1 and USB into pc, Here is an image of my midi ports,i dont know which one to use,when setting things up.Ive tried the different USB’s but still no play back sound.
I have another option.
My Yamaha n12 mixing desk has midi din, in and out conectors so i could try going straight to the Yamaha n12 mixer from the Ketron SD1 ,ive tried that in the past i might give that a go again

PRAISE THE LORD,I finally got it working,I ditched the midi to usb cable and and used midi din leads straight from the Ketron SD1 .
I have even managed to record backing styles from the keyboard (multiple midi parts).
Happy days

I am still using the old but reliable DIN cables for any MIDI data transmitting tasks. All my external instruments and controllers are connected via an old MIDI patchbay to my DAW with them, and I won’t change that until I’ll have no choice. I do NOT trust USB MIDI solutions : too many related issues can arise with the USB connections setup.

Actually, the only music related USB connection I have, here, is the connection between my audio interface and my desktop : I choosed a RME for this, and not by accident…

I thought you were using midi , give me midi over din any day of the week, Plus controllers like the Novation SL series don’t transmit certain controls over Usb you have to use a midi din for controls
Glad you got to the bottom of it

Thanks Filter Freq, happy days