Can't get sound from other programs after update to Dorico 4

Hello. Finally updated my Dorico license to Dorico 4.
But then the trouble started. When shutting down Dorico and then using another program for a while like Spotify or Youtube (on Chrome), then starting Dorico again (with the other programs open) it would get stuck at “initialising audio engine”.
Then somebody advised me to turn on Asio Guard and allowing Realtek High Definition driver to have exclusive control. But then I can’t get no sound from other programs while Dorico is running.
Can somebody please help me. I am a little frustrated, that this has become a problem, because it wasn’t a problem in Dorico 3,5. With that version I could have several programs running at the same time as Dorico, with sound.

If you activate “exclusive control” you will not be able to hear other programs while Dorico is open unless they are running through a different driver/sound card.

My version of Dorico Pro 4.3 runs happily on Windows 10 without using exclusive control, but sometimes choosing the output on the Low Latency Driver has been a little tricky.

Yes. At the moment I can’t choose the output channels (generic low latency driver) unless I give permission for exclusive control. And I don’t want that.

Hi @carstencoach , please read the solution from this thread