Can't get sound to come out from headphones

I Have Cubase 8 Pro on a PC:

Windows 10 Pro
Dual core i5 2.5 GHZ
500 GB SSD

Cubase master out is set to PC’s internal speakers.
I have Asio4all-V2 picked in Vst Audio System menu.
The outs are set to “HD Audio Speker 1 & 2”. There are no other options to pick from.

While cubase is operating, WIndows system sounds and even Media Player plays files from the desktop on my headphones while sound from cubase comes from the PC’s internal speakers, simultaneously.

On windows taskbar I can choose a playback device by clicking the speaker icon, but changing it don’t work. the options are:

  1. “Speakers (High Definition Audio Device).”
  2. “Headphones (High Definition Audio Device)”.

I tried setting the headphones as the default device in windows sound settings.
I’ve installed Realtek audio drivers . (couldn’t find Realtek audio Manager anywhere, thought it would solve this)
I tried updating all other audio related drivers in device manager to no avail.

The headphones are standard 1\8 inch jack.

Help me please !

Do you have an audio interface? Perhaps not, as you seem to be using the built-in audio of the PC, which is OK – we all have budget constraints. The fact that you’re getting any sound thru the headphones means that you can’t have a hardware issue. I presume the headphone jack in question is the one on the computer itself, not one associated with any external speaker system. (You did mention internal speakers.) Perhaps the problem is the audio setup in Cubase (under devices > device setup.) You’d need to have the headphones available (visible) before Cubase use them. Getting past that, you need to check devices > VST connections. Here you can map the headphones as main out, or as a cue out.

It’s more complex to do this in Cubase Pro because it supports multiple outputs in the studio/control room tab. You use either the Output tab (which is simpler but limited) or you use the Studio tab.

If you want to keep it simple, you’d be using the output tab. The speakers are almost certainly set up there. You’d hit “add bus” and fill in the details for the headphones.

If you want to do a cue send, then you need to use the control room. This means nothing is connected on the Output tab. Strange but true. The output connections are made on the studio tab instead. There’s a chapter in the Cubase manual about VST connections, and there’s a video somewhere on youtube showing this studio tab setup procedure.