Can't get SpectraLayers to return to Start on Stop

I’m trying to get the Cursor in SL to behave the same as in Cubase where the Spacebar starts & stops playback and it returns to the start position when playback stops. When the focus is on the SpectraLayers Window (from ARA in Cubase) the Cursor remains where it was when playback stops. But if the focus is on a Cubase Window it returns to the start.

The manual says there is a Transport setting to control this behavior, but I’m not seeing it. I suspect that’s because I’m using it as an extension? Also in Preferences I’ve got the default set to return to start.

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i’m glad someone brought this up ! i have the same issues that raino describes. i’ve set return to start in prefs both in the standalone and running as ara.

That option in SpectraLayers is for the standalone mode. In ARA, the host (Cubase in this case) is supposed to control the behavior of the cursor. I’ll check what’s going on.

Great, that’s really how it should work.

return to stop position on stop is still not working correctly in 9.0.2. when using ARA. not working when spectral layers window has the focus. any more info on when this might get fixed?

@davidgamson @raino here’s an early version of patch 3 which fixes the issue:
mac installer
windows installer

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thank you @Robin_Lobel ! much appreciated!