Cant get #stayhome to work

Hi there,
I have Cubase Elements 10.0.5 and some time ago i did a 30 days trial for Elements 10.5 (now it is expired). Now ive seen the StayHome license and i figured i should try it as an extension of my first trial for Elements 10.5. I added it to elicenser and authorized it downloaded the license and everything was good. But when i open Cubase Elements 10.5 it still tells me that the trial period its expired and it doesnt start. Shouldnt that license work for me even if i did a trial that expired?

I am having the same problem. I did the 30 day trial of Cubase Elements a while ago and now the elicenser wont accept the #StayHome activation code. There is no indication why but I am guessing it is because I already did the trial.


Did you start the Usage Period of the #stayhome license, please?

I went online and started eliceser. I asked me to do a Database licenses update (or something like this) and i did that. Now it works. Before that, the stay home license showed as Unknown License in elicenser, but now it shows as StayHome. It`s OK.


Good to know. This is completely new license, so it might be, this License Database update would be necesary for more users. Good hint, thank you!

You`re welcome .