Cant get Support

I ordered the wrong box set for my upgrade and still haven’t had any help its been 2 weeks with no reply y’all took my money quick enough but as for help I guess I’ll eat the mistake I made, lesson learned should have learned when I had trouble with tech support with LE 4 and Essential 5 my CI2 Plus has click’s in all my recording’s so I have to close out and restart almost every time now this! guess what it wont happen again I will find another software and interface set up you guys got me again Thanks for nothing Pro tools here i come

Aloha S,
Why ProTools?

Hello Strange1,

Where did you order the box? Which country do you come from? How did you contact the support?
Please post this information to get your problem solved quickly. :slight_smile:

I’ve always got thru and been able to return an item ordered in error.
Is this going to be a Christmas ghostpost?