Can't get testgenerator to cancel out

I am trying to use testgenerator with the default 440hz sin wave on two different tracks to flip the phase on one and get them to cancel out to test a plugin but I am unable to get them to cancel. Has anyone done this before? Is there a reason why I can’t get them to phase cancel?

It looks like the result of your test is that the audio is not identical.

Thats what’s confusing me. The only thing on both tracks is testgenerator and they’re both going to main out. The same sin wave at the same amplitude should phase cancel, right?

Yes, I would suppose so. I thought you were testing a plugin, is it treating the audio?

No, I haven’t put any additional plugins on either channel yet.

Insert Supervision on the first track and set it to Oscilloscope. Activate Side-Chain in Supervision and set the second track for the Side-Chain Input. Set Supervision to Bus Main and Sidechain.
Then you will be able to see what’s actually happening.
Testgenerator starts the moment you insert it on the track. When you insert another Testgenerator it will naturally have an offset.
You should be able to overcome this if you save and close the project and then reopen it, because now the two Testgenerators should start at the same point.

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Ah, I did not expect that to be what was happening. Thank you for the help and info, I’ll give that try. Thanks!

Knowing that, I was also able to overcome the offset by adding a simple sample delay plugin after testgenerator and adjusting the delay until they canceled out.