Can't get the final bar on a piece

I have a little piece and can’t get the final bar at the end of the music. I have one bar extra and when I remove this bar there is a double line. Adding the final bar wil insert them one eight earlier.

What if you delete the double barline before removing the final bar?
I think that a special barline that you insert manually always overwrites the standard final barline specified in notation options.

Turn on all the flags (signposts) and make sure that there isn’t anything “attached” to the bar-line you want to drop and then try adding the final bar. This has sometimes worked for me. (I have found that when Dorico is refusing to do what I ask it, it’s often for a good reason, even if I can’t see it.) (1.01 MB)
I have do everything. Removing the double barline works but add a new extra measure at the end. I can’t remove that measure.
I’ve checked all signposts. Maybe I’m wrong or mis something. I’ve added the Dorico file. This file include now 2 flows. It is the end of the first flow.

I’m having a little difficulty understanding, but perhaps all you need to do is select something in the first flow and the use Write->Trim Flow to remove that final measure in Flow 1.


Ah wow!!! Trim flow is the trick. I have used shft-b and then type -1. Something learned today.