Can't get this file to play back properly

This is an XML import but I also tried creating a new document and copying the voices in the imported file into it but I still couldn’t get it to play back correctly. I’m using the Aria player for this, as I wanted to load a Scala so it would play back in quarter comma meantone.
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I don’t have a working ARIA setup on my own machine, but I was able to play back your project with both NotePerformer and HSSE with no problems by applying their playback templates. Can you be more specific about the way in which you’re having problems with playback?

When I try to play it back with Aria, I get a single voice which jumps back and forth seemingly randomly between the staves. I’ve attached a sound file. If I change to NotePerformer, I get no sound at all.
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I looked up trying to play back in Dorico using a temperament other than equal, and it looked terribly complicated. The Aria player supports the loading of temperaments for playback.

Are you using the multi-output version of Aria64 and assigning the separate voices to different output channels? It worked when I used that version of Aria, set each voice to a separate output channel pair (or even when I did not), and reassigned the GPO standard sounds to the Aria slots. It seems as if the Aria player automatically/originally assigned was the hitch, since that gave me the same result you describe.

Curious. I reapplied the same sounds and it worked. No idea why. Thanks!

I downloaded the file, and the ARIA Player bank was empty.

Same here. But it also loaded the more limited version of Aria.

‘… the more limited version of Aria’? I wasn’t aware that there was a limited version. How is the Aria in this screen shot different from yours? I’m including the file which now plays back correctly and I’m curious if your version of the Aria players still opens empty when you load it.
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The Aria Multi-player (see the header strip in the image) allows one to assign each slot to a different output pair (second column form the right in each slot), which brings each instrument up in a different column of the Dorico Mixer. The standard Aria Player (which I think is what you are using) at least used to send the output of the entire Player into the first stereo pair of the Dorico Mixer, which offers less flexibility.