Can't have multiple time signatures

I added a signature track. I can edit the time signature, but it affects all measures, no matter where the cursor is at. If I go to a later measure to add another change, it changes all measures. How do I set it so that I can have multiple time signatures in one recording? I am using Cubase 9 with Windows 10.

Cubase no longer adds a new time signature at the current location automatically. If you are trying to do so from the Transport Bar, it will change the currently-active time signature (i.e. if Bar #1 is in 4/4, and there is a change to 3/4 at bar #7, and you place the cursor at bar #9 then edit the time signature from the Transport Bar, it will change the time signature event that is at bar #7. You have to insert a new time signature event (with the pencil) at the desired position, then edit that in the Info Line.

That worked! Thanks for the quick reply, that was a very big problem for me.