Can't have piano short name as blank

I would like the vocal score of the opera I’m working on to show the short instrument names of all the singers throughout the score (after the first system of each flow), but to have the ‘short name’ of the piano as a blank. However, I can’t get Dorico to do this. It will accept ‘Pno’ etc.; but, if I leave the short name field in Edit Instrument Names completely blank, it will show the full name in all systems. I’ve been to the Staff Labels section of Layout Options, but there isn’t (as far as I can see) an exception tickbox for single instruments.

I know this is a stopgap but you could enter a space in the piano’s short name field.

Try entering a single space for the short name, rather than nothing. (Snap!)

An alternative method is to use a section player (assuming the piano wouldn’t need to double any other instrument) and use divisi changes to control staff labelling at specific points. If you add a division then delete it, you can edit the names of the only remaining division and that applies from the start of that system onwards. (A handy tip that I’ve picked up from Leo, I think!)

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Gee, how many seconds between our answers?! :smile:
The alternative method is clever but the space might be easier.

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So simple when you know how!!! Many thanks once again!