Can't have "%" symbol in the description of a marker

This was working in Cubase 11 but not in 12.

How to recreate:

  1. Create a marker track.
  2. Create a Cycle- or Positionmarker .
  3. Write something like “40%”
  4. When hitting enter it only says “40” in the project window.

The % character seems to be some kind of placeholder prefix (similar to that of the printf function in C, like %d, %s etc.). If you enter two successive percent signs, you get a single one in the marker label.

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The % symbol is not visible on the Marker event itself. But it’s visible in the Description (Info Line) on my side. Is it the same on your side, please?

Yes, it’s the same here. I guess, a single % is interpreted as an incomplete character sequence and therefore doesn’t create any output in the marker event. To create a % sign in the event, you have to enter %%. Other printf format specifiers, like %1000s, work as well.
I don’t think this behavior is intended because entering %a%s crashes Cubase.

Okay, now that’s a bug you can count on!

I presume all of this is a bug. I shall report