Can't hear a single channel

I’m going out of my mind here. Not sure what I did, but one lone channel is no longer audible. Here are the facts:

  • It is a channel for one of the drum toms. (T1)
  • the tom channel right next to it (T2) is working just fine. all settings seem to be identical
  • the meter on the channel strip shows a good, strong signal.
  • the output routing is identical on both channels.
  • these are audio channels, not midi
  • the track is not disabled
  • the event is not muted.
  • There is a send to a reverb and I can hear the tom in that one when the send is enabled
  • If I drag the audio clip down to any other channel, I hear it just fine.
  • I can send the channel output directly to the stereo out and that does not help.

Obviously, I can just create a new track and stick the audio on that and move on, but I’d really like to know what the problem is - what I clicked/what shortcut key I pressed - that caused this to happen. It happened once before a month ago, but I didn’t have time to try and figure it out.

Any ideas or help are appreciated.

Could you try to set the meter position to “post panner” and see if you still have meter movement on the affected track?

Do you have any inserts in the channel?

And just to make sure, since you “only” wrote the EVENT is not muted: Is the track also NOT Muted?

BR, Ernst

Thanks for the input. It makes nothing changes no matter where the meter position is. Input/Post Fader/Post Panner all show a signal, but nothing gets pass down the signal path.

I have enabled/disabled/added/removed all inserts and nothing changes.

The track is enabled, and not muted. It’s in the solo position, although even if solo is off, I still do not hear the signal.

weird, huh?

See this picture of my channel settings. No inserts, and no signal traveling down the path…

if you remove the output routing of the respective channel and re-establish it - does that help?

Look to the right of T1 in blue up top, your output says 2 Targets, I would check there

Also, go to Studio Connections and make sure your busses are correct

Great ideas, but I have tried those things too. I sent this channel directly to the stereo out, nothing.
I doubt there is anything wrong with studio connections since all other channels work just fine.

A crazy mystery, it is!

Keep the ideas coming, folks. We’ll solve it at some point!

Share the project file…?