Can't hear a thing out of cubase 5

For some reason, I cannot hear anything on my Cubase 5.
Whenever I import an audio file, I can’t hear the preview, and the timeline on the preview never goes on. I know that the audio files are fine tho.
Whenever I play the cubase project, the timeline goes on but there is no sound showing on the sound bar nor playing.
Whenever I try to play an instrument, I can’t hear a thing nor see a thing on the sound bar.

I have no idea what’s wrong! Any help?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Turn on your speakers…

You’re welcome :smiley:

It could be many things but first check Devices/VST Connections/Outputs/ and make sure your sound card is connected with a Left/Right output bus under Device Port?

Kind regards

James Colah

I am having the same issue! I checked what jamescolah suggested and there are speakers L & R listed in the device port. Everything plays except audio files I import into the project. What do I do to correct this? I would appreciate step by step specific instructions please.