Can't hear any difference:3 Effect Insert Location Positions


I’ve got direct monitoring on, and am recording audio. Regarding the position of the “Effects Insert Location” controller, reading page 19 of the manual, I expected to hear:

  1. No Rev-X when the little button is in the top position;
  2. Hear the Rev-X but not have it recorded when the button is in the middle position; and
  3. Both hear it and have it recorded when it is in the lowest position.

Instead, no matter what the position of the Effects Insert Location control, I am:

  1. Hearing reverb in all three positions through my headphones, and
  2. Not having any reverb recorded at all in the bottom two postions.

I can live with this, but wonder if I’m missing something important that might bite me later if I don’t figure it out now …

(using CR, all outputs in the “Output” tabs of VST connections are disabled).

Thanks much for any help … :slight_smile:

The Rev-X is monitor only! Only the channel strip and amp effects are controlled by the insert position. For recording with Rev-X, a ‘plugin’ has been included, the built-in DSP reverb cannot (normally) be recorded.
Refer to the block diagrams toward the end of the manual.

Thanks, Brihar!