Can't hear audio on our midi track

We must be missing something incredibly basic here so excuse us:

We can’t hear the MIDI data playing back through our keyboard(s).

We have followed all the steps at this topic, all of which make sense and seem easy enough:

FYI, we have two digital keyboards, an old Yamaha CS1X which is available in the dropdown list in STudio->More Options->MIDI Device Manager->INstalled Devices, and we have a brand new Nord Electro 6, which is not available in the dropdown list. For that we chose ‘Add New’ under ‘Install New Device’ and just named it. We have them set up on separate MIDI tracks right now.

Cubase is recording the MIDI data no problems, and we can hear audio if we select Halion Sonic SE for our OUtput Routing instead. What are we failing to do here for our external devices? We are routing through a Yamaha UR242

Many thanks

Noel and TOny

How is the midi from UR getting to the 2 keyboards exactly. You have a midi splitter or using midi thru??

Midi device setup isn’t really necessary for playback. All you need to do is set track midi out to the correct midi output and channel and set keyboard to receive that channel.

And a Audio track that receives the audio from the keyboard —-> UR242 and has monitoring On .

Thanks Peakae - it was that simple indeed. Appreciated…