Can't hear click in Dorico 2.2

I can’t hear any click in recording or playback, whether or not metronome button is pressed or not. Otherwise playback and recording seems fine. I do see “DoricoBeep” loaded under Time in Play mode. Please help, thanks!

Have you checked the mixer?

Please try with the attached project. First unzip it and then load in Dorico. If you press play immediately the metronome shall sound.
If not, please go and choose from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That creates a zip file on your desktop, please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. (404 KB)

Thanks very much for this, Ulf. The beeptesting.dorico file did indeed have a metronome sound for me! What should I check in my own file then? The click settings in Playback Options look the same, and the slider for the metronome is up (thanks David Tee) but shows no activity and I hear no click on play or record. Thanks!

I also wonder why you don’t hear the click in your project then…
That’s why, please load your project with non-sounding click and then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and send me the corresponding zip file.

Sent, thanks Ulf!

So I’ve figured it out: the click won’t sound in record or playback if there is no meter specified. I was working with a bunch of unmetered sketches. Ulf was unaware of this limitation and suggested I post here in case Daniel or someone else from the London team can suggest something. Obviously one can’t have accented and unaccented clicks if no meter has been specified, but perhaps a single level click at a specified tempo and beat value for unmetered flows should be simple, perhaps a fix for the next update…?

It’s true that there is no click in open meter at present. Until we can provide a means for you to specify the beat grouping for open meter it would be hard to do anything sensible with regard to the click. Once we provide the means to specify the beat grouping this should become more practical.

The click is still not working with unmetered scores unfortunately (Dorico 3.5.10). Why not just playing a click according to the tempo specified? Now I cannot record anything.
Problem for me is I’m writing a whole score unmetered (guitar solo and live electronics) and have to record into another midi program and then enter the result by hand in Dorico. Not handy.

That is illogical. Just set a meter for while you record, and then remove it from the score!

Well, That should make sense but have you tried to write a whole score without meter in Dorico? You stumble upon a whole lot of bugs and problems. It’s not as simple as it might seem.

Entering a meter causes Dorico not allowing me to record anything. Also notes and dynamic signs will move after the meter. Especially when you work with multiple voices on one staff. Clearly Dorico 100% ready to do this kind of writing.

Can you explain how this happens please?