cant hear click track

I am hearing and recording audio. I have my click track turned on and I see the MIDI in activity bar line bouncing like it is my click track. On my audio interface I see a midi out signal. I can even count the 8 beats of blinking lights before it starts recording, but I cant hear my click track. Any ideas? this should be simple. thanks

Cubase Pro??

Because you have not routed it to an output, or because you have not assigned the MIDI click to a sound device, or a mixture of both.

I am using elements and i think svennilenni is correct. This is bringing me to another problem. I have watched videos by steinberg and when I go to setup my input and output buses there are some problems in my configuration. When I watch their video I see in output where their device ports are named to what I think is the audio converter being used. I have my audio Device for input/out listed as Komplete Audio. For my output bus I have my Device port is listed as main output left and main output Right. In the video it shows the audio interface in these cells as well. So I think that is where one of my problems is. How do I fix this?
Also, I would like to actually understand what i am doing. since in my output bus I have selected Komplete Audio 6 and main output Right and Left isn’t this telling this the outgoing signal from cubase to go to main output speakers. In my case, I do not have monitors. I have a set of headphones plugged into the front of my KA6 interface and am listening to channels 1&2. I copied the video URL for reference.

There is nothing wrong with your outputs. The main stereo out is mirrored on speakers or headphones of the interface.

In vst connections there is a click column. Click in the first row for the stereo out so the word click appears.