Cant hear exported music cubase ai 8

So after buying an mp3 patch from steinberg, i thought id be able to export my tracks into mp3 format and have them saved on my desktop. I have my L and R indicators placed correctly, no muted tracks or record enabled tracks,sample and bit are at standard 44.1khz and 16. I have my stereo set, have it set to m peg 3 file, but after i try to export it,either using resl time or not, once it saves to my desktop(using windows btw) i can hear no play back whatsoever. The track is running but there is no sound, what could i be doing wrong to cause this?


Could you try to import the edited file back to Cubase? Can you see the waveform?

Yes, i can import it back into the project, but when i save it to my desktop,i can close cubase and try to hear it but still nothing

So you can import back to Cubase and it plays back?

If you cannot play it back in Windows Media Player, make sure you are not expiring 24 bit. WMP is not able to play this file type.

Yes. I can import the audio back into cubase and it plays back just fine, but i am still unable to hear any playback from my exported mp3,wave,or wma through windows media player or groove music. I have the bit rate set at 16. Also set at 41.1khz. I just dont see what im doing wrong. I close cubase and everything just to hear the audio but still nothing.i have done everything you are supposed to do. Im running windows 10 if that has anything to do with it

Then it’s definitely not on Cubase side. Could you try deferent player like VLC? Could you okay back other WAV, MP3 files? It’s the sound from the WMP routed to the expected audio device?