Can't Hear Insert Plugins

Windows 10 Home Laptop
32 Gigs Ram
2 x SSD = 3tb
Cubase 12 Pro
Focusrite 4i4

I’m a noob…sorry.
I can’t hear insert effects like VST Amp Sim on audio track.
I can hear and record the track. It plays back. I see waveform.
I can add the insert effects but I can’t hear them.
I’m basically trying to distort one channel of audio, my guitar.
All the changes in VST Amp Sim don’t alter that audio track at all. When tuner is engaged, nothing happens.

Am I stupid?

Just a guess, but possibly related to direct monitoring rather than monitoring the DAW track?

Probably not. But some things can make one feel that way, for sure! :crazy_face:

Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen User Guide V2.pdf (

Can you post a screen shot showing this stuff

We had a discussion about a similar problem recently.
Some aspects are useful in this case.

You need to understand what direct monitoring is doing and what it can’t do.
To record and listen to the simulation, you need to turn DM off.

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