cant hear midi cc

Hi guys,
im sorry if my english is not that good i hope that you’ll understand.

i opened an instrument track of kontakt on cubase and built a midi part.
than i tried to use the pitchbend cc.
i drew an automation on that cc but when i played the part i wrote, i couldnt hear the automation i created and nothing changed.
i dont know what to do and i hope you could help me.

another thing i have troubles with is that i’m trying to do by myself that pitch effect Radiohead are using in the beginning of Daydreaming (sounds like a detune of an old cassete).
i tried so many options but couldnt get the same result or even get close to that sound they made.

how can i do it? is it a special plugin or technique?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


When you open the Kontakt plugin window and play back the midi part do you see the pitchbend wheel moving in Kontakt? If it moves than its possible that the instrument you chose doesn’t apply pitchbends