Cant hear midi instr using 2 bar click count in @ 0.0.00

Hi Guys,
npot sure if this is abut or i’m missing a checkbox/tick in preferences or ticks but issue happens in both Cubase 5 and my newly upgraded cubase 8 pro.
Bassically if i have a midi instrument (say groove agent for example) its channel is record armed and i set the click to give me a 2 bar count in, as soon as i hit record button, i can’t hear the instrument i’m playing again until the actual recording starts. Ive tried it with both the monitor icon switched on and off on the channel.
This kind of defeats the purpose of having the 2 bar click. I want to be able to play along to the 2 bar count in, so when i reach the section to record my playing along to the click, i’m already in time.
If i can’t hear what i’m playing during the count in, how can i know if i’m in time or not.
BUT…it only happens at 0.0.00!!! Eg. if i’m recording from the very start of the project to say bar 4…?
BUT…if i make the cursor at bar 4 to bar 8, then use the count in, i can hear the instrument in the count in.
Anybody else experience this issue or know how to avoid it?
(the only workaround i colt think of was making all the recordings bar 4-8, then moving them back along the timeline to 0.0.00 when i’m done, but this is a real hassle.
Awaiting some help please, joey :slight_smile: