Can't hear my tracks through transport play

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Cubase and am currently frustrated because I can hear myself playing through my headphones, which are connected to my audio interface itself, but I can’t hear my tracks at all(not even through my other headphones, which are connected to the PC itself)! Even if I export the entire project as an .mp3 file, it comes out as minutes of silence. But I can clearly see that Cubase is getting my input, because I see the levels rising, as the screenshot shows.

I noticed, however, that if I double click the track and use the “Audition” button instead of “Transport Play”, I can hear what I recorded on the track through the headphones plugged into my audio interface, even though all I see is pretty much flat audio waves.

Please help me.
Captura de Tela (8).png

Hi and welcome,

First of all, sprch the Monitor button (orange speaker) Off.

  • On : Cubase plays back the signal, which comes from the input and ignore recorded data. Works for recording of the Track.
  • Off: Cubase plays back the data recorded in the Track and ignores signal coming from the input. Works for playback of the Track.

Also your recorded signal is very low. Increase the Gain value on your input, please.