Can't hear my Yamaha MX88 after disconnecting from Cubase 9.5?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently sorting out how to record my Yamaha MX88 in Cubase, which requires me to connect via cable to my computer. I’m receiving inputs in Cubase now when I’m playing on the MIDI track, but whenever I disconnect my Yamaha MX88 from my computer (take out the cable), I can’t hear sound from my Yamaha MX88 anymore! I’m still plugged into the MX88 with headphones, but I’m worried I might’ve messed something up with the keyboard.

Does anyone know what’s wrong? Every time I plug the MX88 back into the computer, and create a new MIDI track with the MX, I can hear the sound again.

Thank you in advance for helping me out.

Set local off to local on

Awesome, thanks!